Dalton United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church is the union of four established churches: The Congregational Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Re-formed Association of Churches of Christ and the Congregational Union of Scotland.

In 1972 the Congregational Church in England and Wales and the Presbyterian Church of England united to become the United Reformed Church, which subsequently united with the Re-formed Association of Churches of Christ in 1981 and the Congregational Union of Scotland in 2000.  

In Dalton there were two small United Reformed Churches only about 300 yards apart, one in Market Street and one in Ulverston Road.  In 1984 the two churches came together to worship in the Market Street Church.

Dalton Methodist Church

The Building which was used as a Methodist Church in Dalton was opened in 1864. At this time there were 3 strands of Methodism i.e. Wesleyan, Primitive and United. Wellington Street was built as a Wesleyan Chapel. There were also Primitive and United Methodist Chapels in Dalton.

The United Methodist premises in Broughton Road ceased to meet in the 1930’s and after a spell as a slipper factory was demolished. The Primitive Methodist property in Cleater Street closed in 1958 and many active members transferred to Wellington Street. By this time there was only one strand of Methodism following the Deed of Union in 1932.

The Wellington Street building has been extensively modified since this time. The large Balcony was taken out of use in the 1980’s and a false ceiling installed.  In 1997 the pews, screens and large pulpit were removed to form a spacious multi-use building. Further work on the entrance area was also undertaken to produce the Coffee Area and Toilets.  

It was decided to go ahead with refurbishment of the Market Street site and the Wellington Street site has been sold for residential development (awaiting exchange of contracts as we speak)!